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The required recording can be done by the customer. Effective solutions are always available. You have detailed information about the vehicle's condition and fault before you see the vehicle. Added confidence and improved planning and workshop effectiveness. We will lend you the Logger for free under our service against a refundable deposit.

In one second, your recorded data can be converted into traces with labelled segments requiring detailed analysis. Machine learning provides more accurate identification of driving modes requiring analysis than the most experienced expert. We continuously add new algorithms, alerting about critical areas in the recording. This speeds up the diagnosticians' work and improves decisions about the case. Because all the recordings are stored in the Cloud, you can leave the evaluation up to anybody to whom you provide authorisation. This simplifies technical support and allows outsourcing of the analysis. The specialist focuses only on the necessary work that he knows best.

We are offering an effective solution regardless if you're an expert, want to become one, or want to outsource the diagnostics. Diagnostics is work like any other. You can become an excellent diagnostician if you enjoy and do it frequently. It isn't that important if you have a university degree in electronics, but it's more about discovering physics and logical interconnections through traces. Everything else is about logical thinking and experience with engines and emission systems. Those focusing on diagnostics will fall for the FCD Portal because of the available information. Those who rather want to avoid diagnostics will fall for the FCD Portal because of the effective access to experts and technical support.

Everyday, we confirm that vehicle repairs, based on DTC fault codes, are a gamble and can cost a lot of money. We don't search for assumptions. We study traces and provide the only guarantee of an honest approach in this field. If we don't find the fault, we will refund your money. Most probably though we will save you a lot of money. Please contact us today for the recommended procedure. Usually, you won't need to use a different workshop. We will happily support him if required or recommend the nearest FCD Service workshop. We can even send you the Logger to your mailbox.

You probably don't know us. Some have been cooperating with the FCD Portal since 2003, when this diagnostic community and knowledge database was established. We then started using the oscilloscope, and diagnosing problems through traces was our big hobby. Our extensive knowledge comes from this history, and thanks to the FCD Portal, and can be effectively shared as required.

Do you purchase vehicles or deal with issues with your fleet vehicles? We can adapt to your needs. Our diagnostics doesn't require any action from your side, and you can use it very simply anytime you drive. You can only request your recording evaluation or help from an external technician when required. Keep your costs under control and avoid any unnecessary risks.

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According to the contractor's requirements, we can offer custom solutions for the Logger properties or modify the UI in the Cloud and Portal. We can set a higher level of security, access privileges, and necessary validation and provide audits or completely different processes. Our platform is designed using the latest technology, and we are offering full-featured API for communication with external applications.

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