The MIL light is On. CAUTION!!!

21.03.2024 09:21 • aktualizováno 21.02.2024 09:41
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I'm sure the Jaguar owner had no idea how much of a risk he was taking. He came all the way from Stuttgart because of an illuminated MIL warning light and a "mixture too rich" fault code stored in memory. With this fault, he drove about 2,000 km!

"So what?!" would be the words of many in the automotive world. The MIL light is on in every 20th car; in some, it's been on for years. But this is different. There's a high risk that the engine can have a sudden, unexpected mechanical breakdown.

We didn't know this at the beginning either, so we drove the car during testing. But gradually, as we took diagnostic steps and evaluated the recordings, our foreheads began to sweat. The fear of engine seizure at our FCD Garage would be the second one this month, perhaps for similar reasons.


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